Studio: HORNET


Hornet Directors Lerner & Sander created this smooth :15 second spot for Gillette, showing just how many shaves one can get their hands on with a Fusion ProGlide refill.

The living diorama took some fancy footwork on Hornet’s end. Carefully calculated camera movements and meticulous motion control were mapped out during previz while a programmed turn table helped create the seamless effect. Stitching everything together in comp with the aid of a second Maya camera gave the spot its final, unified and consistent look.


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The Making Of:
For this Gillette project Lernert and Sander’s concept was to create a smooth camera movement illustrating the longevity of the Gillette Pro Glider.

Our team lead by Ivan Arsic VFX TD built a set that would be used for 16 separate takes, and due to size limitations, motion control was used.

The team had to find creative solutions to work around the restrictions of the motion control speed. After lots of math and careful calculations a motion control turntable was used that would sync with the motion control camera system.

However, this didn’t provide the necessary data to replicate the movement wanted. Using a Maya camera, CGI was used to take over where the motion control left off. The precise rotation and camera movements were calculated for each individual take so that when the shots were ultimately stitched together, they mimicked the sweeping perspective shift that would occur if the whole set was built.