Who We Are

QLBEANS is a studio specialized in 3D tracking and matchmoving. With over decade and a half of experience in the CG industry, our team has the expertise to take on complex technical challenges and fulfill all of our client’s needs. At QLBEANS, we always adjust to the specific delivery requirements and collaborate with our clients at every stage in order to deliver valuable results.
We offer full camera tracking support for Flame suites, CG compositors, 3D set extensions layouts and more. Over the years of working with different clients, we had become well known for difficult tasks and problem solving in 3D cameras – hired guns for shot planning in VFX, matchmoving and rotomation.

Our Approach

qlbeans developed in house tools and solutions to ease complex vfx tasks, always opened for challenges in visual effects frontiers.
We would never be what we are now if there was no clients to work for like: The Mill, PSYOP, BACONX, ESPN – Disney, HORNET, BNS and many other – beloved ones.

Even if you don’t see us
we are the ones who connect the real world with the imaginative visuals